Tuesday, February 28, 2017

60 days…and an injury?!

Wow!  60 straight days of workouts!   It's not always easy, but it feels great!  Some days, it's just a short 2-3 mile run.  Other days are 2-3 hours running on tough trails.  Many of my workouts have been really fun adventures with friends.  Others have been slogs on the treadmill late in the evening to get it done.   Day 60 included a few miles on the treadmill with a couple TNT athletes.  Treadmills are way more fun with friends!  Overall, I'm just so grateful to be out there!

And, I have two new favorite words - PAIN FREE!   I feel absolutely amazing on my runs.  No pain. So, what's this talk of an injury, you ask?  Apparently I slept REALLY wrong on my arm/shoulder last Saturday night and have had issues with my right arm since.   I went to Djimmer and Christiaan - my amazing physical therapists at Rebound Therapy and Wellness - to get it checked out.  "What did you do?!"  Um…I went to bed and then I woke up.  Yep - I hurt my arm sleeping!  That sounds about right.  Other than having a t-rex arm for a few days, it has not held me back much and I can still run without any pain.  Yay!  PAIN FREE!

A workout streak is pretty easy when the weather is great.  But last week, I ran 10 hard trail miles in 3 inches of snow and then ran the following day in more snow.  Thankfully, my friends are tougher than me, so I'm grateful to them for the inspiration to just get out there!  I'm still nervous about my first trail marathon in April, but I'm really excited for this new adventure!  Onward to day 70…thanks for reading!

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