Saturday, April 8, 2017

So, Now What?!

See this guy?

This guy is NOT me.  I don't love change.  But, I've learned that more often than not, change leads to great things!  I've coached for Team in Training for 17 years.  Yes, 17 years.  I've raced, fundraised and coached with them for 19 years!   And, it has been amazing!  I coached for them in Dallas, and they were the first call I made when we moved to Denver in 2004.  And, this week, I retired from that coaching position.  It was not an easy decision, of course.  But, it is time for a change.

So, now what?!

I know that the TNT Lavaman triathlon athletes are back in Denver this weekend wondering the same thing!  They trained hard for 5+ months, raised lots of money for the LLS, completed their race in Hawaii.  So, now what?!

That's the question.  And, one that must be answered in all parts of our lives.  Just got married - now what?  Newly single - now what?  Starting a new job - now what?  Finished your big race - now what?

I'm a planner.  Often before I've finished one thing, I've already planned the next.  (Just ask Brian!)  So, I've already started planning the next thing.  I will continue to coach triathletes and runners through my business, In Transition Coaching Services, as I have since 2003.   The plan is to add some group training opportunities in the south Denver area soon.  I'm really excited to put some new focus on my business.  Look for a website soon with all kinds of great info!

And, for those of you playing along, 19 years seems like an odd year to finish something up, right?!  So, let's go ahead and make it an even 20 years!  In 2018, I will join TNT again to celebrate 20 straight years with the organization.  This time, I will once again raise money for the LLS and train for a fun event.  Mark your calendars - Tahoe Century 2018!   You can ride 100 miles with me or I'll even let it slide and you can ride the 70 miler.  (I must be getting soft in my old age!)  I really do hope that everyone I have had the honor of meeting through TNT over the last 19 years will join me for this last hurrah in Tahoe.  Dallas peeps - that means you!  Denver triathletes, runners and cyclists - you too!  I'm giving you plenty of warning, so let's do this!

A huge thank you to EVERYONE who has been a part of my TNT journey. Todd Codish who coached me for the inaugural Rock n Roll marathon San Diego in 1998 and my first triathlon in Pacific Grove in 1999.   (Remember when I agreed to do ONE triathlon and then I was going back to marathons?  So much for that!)   All the coaches I had the pleasure of working with over the years - Todd, Dave, Charley, Brett, Justin, Khem, Mitch, Steve, Nicole - hopefully I'm not forgetting too many others - I'm old and my memory is going!  All the TNT staff over the years who do the hard administrative work.  My amazing friends and family who have always supported my training, fundraising and coaching efforts.  And, the hundreds of athletes who did the hard work fundraising and training for marathons and triathlons over the years.   Just ask the families of any blood cancer patient - your efforts HAVE made a difference in people's lives.

So, now what?  More coaching.  More group workouts.  And a little more TNT.   Join me!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

To the Rock on Mount Falcon…You Will Not Beat Me!

My trail running was going awesome!  I was feeling strong, getting a little more confident on the trails, feeling great about my upcoming races.  And, then it happened.  The rock.  In the wrong place.  At the wrong time.

We were doing 10 miles on Mount Falcon for my recovery week.  It was fun as usual.  On the 4 mile rocky descent back to the car…BAM!  My foot landed on a rock in just the wrong way jamming up my ankle.  The pain was searing!  I stood on the trail wondering how I would make my way down the last 2.5 miles on the rocks.  I managed to limp my way down.  "How's the ankle?" you may wonder.  Oh, it's great.  You know what's not great?  The hip on the other side!  Apparently as I limped for 2.5 miles, my right hip took the brunt of the force going down the hill all while I babied my left ankle.

Thankfully, my awesome physical therapists at Rebound Therapy ( are great at putting me back together.

This is never me at all.  Never.  Right, Djimmer and Christiaan?!

And, thankfully, I'm getting a tiny bit smarter in my old age.  And, thankfully, I'm a triathlete!  Can't run? Fine - I'll just swim and ride.  Sore shoulder?  No problem - I'll just run.  Being a multisport athlete allows me to get through injuries with many options.   And, it has allowed me to continue my workout streak.  Day 93 of workouts!  And, I even gained a little swimming buddy last week - Amelia swam with me on Saturday - so much fun!

The hip is feeling better after a little set back last week.  Still thinking I can make it through my first trail marathon in 2 weeks.  I WILL go back and conquer Mt. Falcon again soon, too.  I'll show that rock!  I'm not scared!