Monday, December 26, 2011

100 Mile Challenge...Fail!

OK.  I tried.  Before I had kids, I would have thought that running 100 miles between Thanksgiving and Christmas would be a piece of cake.  Two little girls later...not so much.  I tried, but with the kids out of preschool and the holidays, it was not to be.  I did get some good running in during December and continued to get in my crossfit workouts.

This week is about movies with the girls, trips to the zoo, and enjoying time with Brian while he's off work.  I'll get in some workouts, but nothing too structured.  Today I started with a fun 8.3 mile run on some icy/snowy paths.   Tomorrow...probably crossfit.

January 2 marks the start of my first Ironman training since 2005.  I'm excited and nervous.  Luckily I will have Brian by my side throughout the journey and lots of great friends to train and race with along the way.  Let's get 2012 started!

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