Saturday, November 19, 2011

Run 100 Miles

I'm am such a sucker for a challenge!  So, I'm going to run 100 miles between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Why, you ask?  Because someone threw it out there and now I can't NOT do it.  There is something seriously wrong with me.

It's really not unrealistic to run 100 miles in a month.  It's just funny because I swore I would take a true off season this year with very little running, swimming and biking.  Oh well.  It will be good for me, right?!  I'm also committed to do three days of Crossfit each week in December.  It might be an off season from triathlon, but I certainly won't be sitting around.

I have let myself have November as a true off season.  Lots of sitting around, missing workouts, not swimming, not biking, very little running.   So, there's that.

I'm actually really excited to start training for Ironman in January!

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