Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Got old tri gear?

Hey guys,

We're about to kick off another Team in Training triathlon season.  This team will train from November until either March or April when they will race in San Diego or Hawaii.  As most of you know, Team in Training is a great program for beginner triathletes.  That said, many of these newbies come into the program with very little gear.  So, we're trying to help out.

If you have any old tri gear you would be willing to donate, we are doing our Gear Garage Sale again later this month.  Basically, these newbies can "buy" this donated gear at really cheap, garage sale prices - between $2 and $20 per item.   Instead of paying for the items, we just ask that they donate the amount they would have paid to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as part of their fundraising efforts.

So, if you have some gear you would be willing to donate, please let me know.  I can come pick it up from you in the next few weeks or help cover shipping if  you live far away.  The most desired items right now are winter tech gear - jackets, gloves, cycling jerseys, tights, sunglasses, etc.  We'll be out there training in the cold and snow, so all this stuff will help.

Thanks in advance for your help!  Stay warm!


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