Thursday, June 15, 2017

We Had a Good Run!

So, that's it.  The streak has been broken.  I made it 165 days.

Yesterday my plan was to run after coaching track.  Pretty easy, right?  Nope.  Toward the end of the track workout, I was sitting on the track with an athlete and had a very intense vertigo episode.  This is not unusual for me.  I have mild episodes several times a week.  I have a more intense episode probably every couple months.  This one was BAD!  Thanks to Danielle for taking over the very end of the workout and the cool down for me!  It eventually passed, but when I have these kinds of episodes, they leave me extremely nauseous and totally wiped out.  I feel like I have been hit by a truck!

I made it home and crashed on the couch.  It takes a good 12-24 hours to fully recover from these.  At about 9pm, I rallied the troops (husband, kids, dog) and headed out for a 20 minute run/walk - just to keep the streak.  We walked around the block and I knew there was no way I could do it.  I was still very nauseous and a little unsteady.  I knew it was the right thing to do - to end the streak.  No doubt.

So, I kinda expected to wake up and feel really sad or disappointed about breaking the streak after 165 days.  But, I still felt crappy enough to know that there was nothing else I could have done.  And, I feel good that the streak ended when it had to.  Not because I didn't want to get the workout done.  Not because I didn't plan my day for my workout.  Not because I opted to do something else other than the workout with my time.  There were many days in the last 5.5 months that I really didn't want to get the workout done.  But, I did!  Including last Thursday when I went out at 9:45 pm after getting home from a four-course fondue meal to get my run done.    Including last Saturday when I got my trail run in at 1:00 pm in the 90 degree heat after spending 6 hours outside at the kids swim meet.  SO many times I could have quit.  Wanted to quit.  But, I didn't.  So, the new streak started today with an 8 mile trail run that was fantastic!

So, no excuses!  Getting the workouts done!  We all have setbacks.  But, I'm not accepting excuses from myself.  Now, I know I can!

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