Friday, December 16, 2016

What's in Store for 2017?

It's 2017!  Can you believe it?!  I'm not sure where 2016 went.  But, it's time to be planning for this year.  What are you doing to challenge yourself?   Taking on a new distance?  A new sport?  Often the scary goals are the ones that motivate us to get out of bed, get out in the cold, and get our workouts done!

I'm excited to help my clients reach their goals.  I've already had some great sessions at SwimLabs with some new swim clients there.  And, I know my triathlon clients are pumped to get their training underway for the year!

As for me, for 2017, I'm planning to take on a new sport.  Trail racing.   I've never raced on trails.  I've done a bit of running on trails and love it!  Spending time in Leadville over the summer watching Brian run the Heavy Half and some friends race the Leadville 100 mountain bike race really sparked a desire to try to do some trail racing!

So, some trail racing in the spring.  Then, I'll switch gears into triathlon mode to race some fun sprints and then probably the newly-resurrected 5430 Long Course half Ironman distance race in September.  Another fun-filled year to come!

I hope to hear that many of you are taking on fun new challenges this year as well.  Happy New Year!

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