Thursday, April 26, 2012

Moab Training Weekend 2012

Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club hosted a great training weekend in Moab.  For my Dallas friends, it felt kinda like Easter Hill Country.  A great way to kick off the spring training around here.

We decided to bring the girls with us.  So, this meant we would be tag-teaming the training.  I often get more riding in than Brian, so we opted to have him ride more throughout the weekend.

Thursday, we left Denver around 3pm.  Stopped for dinner in Glenwood Springs and got in around 9:10 pm.  The girls were great in the car and went straight to bed when we got to the house we had rented.  We missed a great ride in Grand Junction on Thursday afternoon that I'd definitely like to hit next year!

We skipped the team swim on Friday morning.  Brian rode 55 miles with tons of climbing through Arches National Park.  He said the climbs were worth it for the amazing views.  The girls and I rode bikes on the path near our house and played at the park.  Once Brian got home, I headed out for a run with a couple other RMTC peeps at 4pm along the river.  It was HOT!  We are definitely not used to heat yet.  But, it was a fun run and good to get out.

Back at the host hotel, RMTC had set up massage therapy, the big compression boots, and coolers full of Mix 1 and Sierra Nevada beer.  We have great sponsors!

Saturday, I rode 83 beautiful miles through Canyonlands.  We got to see Dead Horse Point and Grand View point - both spectacular views.  I felt pretty good throughout the ride, but my shoulders were so tight by the end (unrelated issues) that I was ready to get off!  When I got home, Brian headed out for a run while I munched on some yummy greasy food from Milt's, which was just around the corner from the house we were in.

Sunday Brian got in another 40 miles or so on a flat, easy beautiful ride.

Overall, it was a great weekend.  Lots of great riding, fun people, etc.  The girls really did great on the 5.5 hour drives each way and all weekend in Moab.  They had a great time.  Can't wait for next year!

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