Sunday, October 9, 2011

Denver Half Marathon 2011

It's done!  The Rock n Roll half marathon and training for the Soma half Ironman.  It's taper time, baby!
Things I learned during the half marathon today...
1.  It's fun to run with Brian - that hasn't happened in years! (Thanks to Millie for watching the girls!)
2.  Don't do long tempo efforts on the bike the day before a half marathon.
3.  Don't do those tempo efforts on a bike you haven't ridden in a year.
4.  When something hurts...just keep pushing.  Soon enough, it might stop hurting.  Then, something else will hurt.  Repeat process.
5.  I don't like running in cold weather.  I'l take the heat, thanks!

I achieved my goals for the race, despite some hip flexor and hamstring issues.  Was shooting for something under 1:55 and my time was 1:52:22.  At the end of two weeks of peak half IM training...I'll take it!  Plus, it's a new post-babies PR!  An interesting note...our pace at the 5k mark was 8:38 per mile.  Our pace at the 10k mark was 8:38 per mile.  Our pace at the 10 mile mark was 8:39 per mile.  We averaged 8:25 per mile for the last 5k.  Very steady and then faster in the end.  The plan worked!  (I might have liked to have gone a little slower in the first 3 miles and a little faster in the last 3!)

It's taper time now!  2 weeks until the Soma half Ironman.  Let's see if the legs will come around by then!

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